Benefits of Meditation

What lies behind us

And what lies before us

Are tiny matters compared to

What lies within us.

Oliver Wendell Holmes


Benefits of meditation

 Some of the many gifts of meditation you will benefit from include:


. Improved physical health – Stress, tension and negative emotions silently erode your life-force.  As you decrease these negative influences through your meditation, you will experience positive effects on your physical health, from increased vitality to a greater sense of general well-being.

. Deeper sleep – Meditation will have a positive effect on the quality and the quantity of your sleep.  As your mind becomes calmer through your practice of meditation, you will fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

. You will be happier – We tend to seek happiness outside ourselves – where we are, what we possess, who we are with – but meditation helps us to realize that real, lasting happiness is an experience which flows from within and exists independently of our outer circumstances.

. Better life decisions – In the whole history of the world, you are unique, and you have a uniquely special path to follow in life.  In the silence and stillness of meditation, you will perceive more clearly the still, small voice within that can guide you safely along your life’s path.  By bringing you closer to your life’s purpose, meditation sets you free to become more truly and uniquely yourself.

. Spiritual growth – At the very core of your existence lives a being of great beauty, wisdom and delight.  This being is none other than your own highest self.  Through meditation you will grow into your highest self, and all of its inner wealth will be yours to use in your day-to-day life.

.  Inner peace brings outer peace – Everything starts from within!  As you develop more inner peace through your practice of meditation, your outer life will become more peaceful as well.  Little things start to happen as your outer life is touched by the expanding fragrance of your inner life: problems fall away or are resolved more easily; your dealings with people become deeper and more fulfilling; and you develop new and greater outer capacities.

Beyond speech and mind,

Into the river of ever-effulgent Light

    My heart dives.

 Today thousands of doors, closed for millennia

    Are opened wide.

                     -Sri Chinmoy



Right now fear, doubt, anxiety, tension, and disharmony

                        Are reigning supreme.

 But there shall come a time when this world of ours

                        will be flooded with peace.

  Who is going to bring about this radical change?

It will be you: you and your sisters and brothers.

  You and your oneness-heart will spread peace

  Throughout the length and breadth of the world.

                                                                        -Sri Chinmoy



                        True inner joy is self-created.

            It does not depend on outer circumstances.

A river is flowing in and through you carrying the message of joy.

            This divine joy is the sole purpose of life.

                                                                        -Sri Chinmoy                                                               


Peace At Sunset        

Sunset Surfer

Consciousness: The Spark of Life


by Sri Chinmoy

Consciousness is the spark of life that unites each one of us with the universal life.  Without consciousness, everything is a barren desert.  When we enter into a dark place, we take a flashlight to see where we are going.  If we want to know about our unlit life, we have to take the help of consciousness.

Consciousness is like a ladder.  You can go up and down the various rungs.  If you can meditate deeply, each plane of consciousness will present itself before you.  The first rung is the physical body.  The second rung is the vital.  The vital is a term used in Indian philosophy.  It embodies emotional, aggressive, and dynamic qualities.  The third rung is the mind.  Above the mind is the spiritual heart.  It is in the spiritual heart that one feels the “quickening” of the soul.  The soul knows no birth, no decay, no death.  It is eternal.  It is immortal.

Before taking human incarnation, the soul gets an inner message about its divine purpose on earth.  It is fully conscious of its mission.  But during our lifetime, the workings of the physical mind may sometimes cover up the divine inspiration of the soul and its true purpose.  Then the mission of the soul cannot come forward.  Only if we aspire with the mind, heart, and soul can we learn the purpose of our existence here on earth.

My soul is in charge of my
glowing deeds.

My heart is in charge of my
soaring feelings.

My mind is in charge of my
transforming thoughts.

My vital is in charge of my
flowing energy.

My body is in charge of my
striving life.