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The Sri Chinmoy Centre of Halifax was established in 1973.  Our members come from a variety of walks of life and cultural backgrounds and are active members of the community. Each member brings the benefits of their own meditation practice into their daily life and also participates in weekly group meditations.

Regular meditation classes are offered throughout the year.  They are all free of charge as a community service.  Meditation is considered our birthright and the fruits of meditation come from one’s own daily practice. Our own sincerity to practice is the fee.  We are grateful to the benefits of meditation in our own lives and are grateful to have the opportunity to share it.

In order to better understand the free meditation classes that we offer, we provide additional background information on our activities below:

An avid athlete throughout his life, Sri Chinmoy encouraged all of his students to feel the importance of physical fitness as a means of establishing peace and happiness in their lives.  Historically we have offered many athletic events: road races from 2 miles to 24 hours and the first triathlons in Atlantic Canada.

Sri Chinmoy’s students are vegetarians as it is considered an aid in meditation as fruits and vegetables have a very mild and sweet nature.  For 30 years, one of his students, Sarita Earp, operated Satisfaction-Feast Vegetarian Restaurant and currently has a food booth at local Farmer’s Markets.  She also cooks for people and offers cooking classes.

Halifax has hosted the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run since its inception in 1987.  It is a global torch relay that symbolizes humanity’s universal aspiration for a more harmonious world, a world based on oneness and friendship.  We volunteer to organize this biannual Run.  We partner with community groups and local officials in staging local ceremonies, relays and school events.  It is based on the simple yet powerful premise that harmony begins within the heart of each of us and spreads out from there, from the one to the many.
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In 2012, the Run’s 25th anniversary, a linden tree was planted on July 27th in Victoria Park, Halifax.  The plaque reads: Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.  “Peace is not merely the absence of war. Peace is the dynamic and energetic presence of love, harmony and oneness in the world family.”

Halifax Plaque at Linden tree

Sri Chinmoy was a prolific writer, poet, essayist and answered thousands of questions on spiritual philosophy. The Sri Chinmoy Centre of Halifax has offered books to many libraries around Nova Scotia and the books may be purchased at the meditation classes.

As an artist, he entitled his artwork Jharna Kala, Bengali for Fountain Art, and his paintings hang in the meditation Centre here and have been displayed throughout the Maritimes.

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